Voter Guide Toolkit Help: Start Here.

The Voter Guide Toolkit inline help provides an explanation of the features and tools found on each page of your Voter Guide, from the login page to the data export page.  Most questions about specific tools and features will be answered in this inline help section of the guide. If you are unclear on how or why to use a feature, inline Help will likely provide the answer. See the index below to find the feature you have questions about. The FAQ section includes suggested timelines and recommended best practices. We have tried to make inline Help as complete as possible. If you do not find your answer here, please contact the Voter Guide staff.  Note:  Email is by far the best way to reach us.

A Note on Toolkit Help

All sections are fully described on the Admin Home Page. If you wanted help with Bio Fields & Bio Field Sets,you can use this index to go directly to Bio Fields & Bio Field Sets, or if you were in the BioField section of the Guide, you could click the blue ‘i’ at the top of the page to reach the help section for this topic.

Page names and sections are denoted in italics.
Buttons and links are denoted in boldfaced italics. Hyperlinks are blue.

Help Topics



Quickstart Guide

Recommended Timeline


Admin Home Page

Bio Fields & Bio Field Sets

Email Templates


Question Sets

Race Categories

Race Wizard

Candidate Races & Initiatives

Communication & Management

Campaign Tracker

Email Blast

Mail Merge

Race Publisher

Delete & Archive

Race Manager

Recycling Bin


Web Services API

District Sets

Script Interface

Advanced Districting

Script Library


Data Export