“The voter guide provided us with a comprehensive solution to meet our needs.  The staff helped us navigate training and support for all of the participating League affiliates.”

Jeanette Senecal, Senior Director of Elections and e-Democracy, League of Women Voters of the United States


“The Voter Guide was by far the most popular feature on Boston.com the day before and day of our state elections in 2010. We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback from our users; we were equally overwhelmed by the level of support we received from e-ThePeople. No matter how thorny the issue (overlapping zip codes) and no matter what the day or hour, somebody was always available to help. We immediately re-upped for 2012. It is a great voter education and civic engagement tool.”

Teresa M. Hanafin, Director of User Engagement, Boston.com


“The Voter Guide Toolkit has become an integral part of our elections coverage. The platform is easy to mange, user friendly and provides an end product that meets our needs for both online and print platforms.”

Curtis Hubbard, Political Editor, Denver Post


“The Voter Guide Toolkit was an essential part of our Election coverage in 2008 and 2010 and welcomed by readers and candidates alike. The guide was relatively easy to use and allowed an all-inclusive way to ask hundreds of candidates in Michigan to give us photos and information about themselves. As well as respond to questions about issues in their campaign. We heard from voters who appreciated being able to simply type in their address then make side-by-side comparisons of candidates, and print their personalized ballot or email it to others.
Perhaps most importantly using the toolkit fit our mission to be the best source for election information, particularly on local candidates. It also made creating a print guide for the primary and general elections easier because the copy desk simply pulled information from the online guide to create the print versions.”

Kyla King, Political Reporter, Grand Rapids Press


The Nashua Telegraph (circulation 25,000) is a seven-day-a-week newspaper in southern New Hampshire. We have used the Online Voting Guide several times, most recently in the Nov. 2010 statewide elections, and will use it again next year. It was easy to use, good to look at and flexible enough to fit some of New Hampshire’s weird precinct borders with a bit of tweaking. Best of all was the way the staff responded quickly and often to my emails and calls whenever  I backed myself into a corner – which was often, because small papers can’t afford much technical expertise in the newsroom.

David Brooks, Political Editor, Nashua Telegraph



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