Race Wizard

Video: How To Use The Race Wizard To Create Races

The race wizard takes you step by step through the process of setting up one race. If you are unfamiliar with the process of creating a voter guide, we recommend you use the race wizard.

The race wizard will walk you through the creation of a race by prompting you with questions.  It tracks your answers to each question, and creates a race when all the questions required are answered.  This is therecommended method of entering races in the following situations:

  • Standard (non-comprehensive package) users
  • You have less than 5-10 races to enter.
  • You have added races in bulk and have a few more races to add.

Here are the steps and expected response:

Type of office:  Select the office or the type of initiative from the list.

State: Select the appropriate state from the drop-down box. District: Select the appropriate district from the drop-down box.

Name:  The system assigns a name for the race.  We strongly recommend that you do not change this name, but you have the option to do so.

Candidates: Enter the first name, last name, email, occupation and party of the candidate.

Description: Use this field to describe the office and race, i.e., The Governor is the chief administrator for the state, and is responsible for the budget and signing or vetoing bills presented by the state assembly and senate.  The office has a four-year term, and the Governor selects his running mate, the Lieutenant Governor.  The salary is $225,000. Note: This is an HTML field; you have the option of using rich text and HTML code to link to websites, articles, or video.

Primary?: If you have closed primaries in your state (i.e., only those who have identified with a specific party can vote), select Closed Primary, otherwise, you can simply select General Election.

Category: It is important to categorize races so they can be grouped together.  You can select from a list of existing categories or create a new one, and select the order.  Top-of-ticket tells the system that every user, regardless of address, can vote for this particular office. You may also choose No category

Bio Field Set: Select the appropriate Bio Field Set for the race. You can also create a new Bio Field Set on this screen, or use all the Bio Fields in your system.

Question Set: Select the appropriate Question Set for the race. You can also create a new Question Set on this screen, or opt for no question set.


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