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About Email Templates
Types of Email Templates
How to create a new email template
How to use Macros

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About Email Templates

Email Templates allow you to customize your communication with candidates.  By editing the email templates, creating new templates, and using automated merge fields, you can build personalized templates and easily communicate with many candidates at once.

The critical emails are Invitation, Receipt, and Reminder.  It is best to create these templates prior to candidate data entry in your guide.  You will find dummy copy that is usable.  Edit the text within our system or create your own in any text editor program then cut and paste. You can also edit the email “Subject” line, “Sender Name”, and “Reply-To” email address.  Each time you send an email to a candidate using one of the templates above, you will have a chance to make edits to that email before sending or preview the email. The exception is the “receipt” email template which is sent to candidates without an opportunity for you to make changes to the email.
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Types of Email Templates

Invitation: Initial email sent to candidates inviting them them to participate.

Receipt: Automatically generated email sent to candidates after they submit their completed online questionnaire.  It is the only email you cannot edit before it is sent.

Reminder: Email sent to candidates to remind them to participate in the guide.

Approval: Email is sent to candidates after you have approved their submission.

Rejection: Email sent to candidates who need to make changes to their submission.

Publish: Email sent to candidates to let them know their race has been published in the voter guide and is now available online.
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How to create a new email template

Type in the name of the communication, (ie Invitation to Candidates), and then choose the type of email you are writing.  Hit Return and then you can type the body of your email using merge fields.
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How to use macros

Macros are the merge fields that help you customize your email templates.  Macros are available for use with every template.  We strongly recommend that you copy the macro into the body of the template to ensure accuracy.  The macros can be used in any order you choose.

The following are the macros available, their format, and their descriptions.

Question List #question_list() Displays questions for the candidate’s race.
Candidate List #candidate_name() Displays candidate’s full name.
Contact Name #contact_name() Displays contact name for a candidate.
Candidate URL #candidate_url() Displays hyperlink to candidate answer page once the race is published.
Race Name #race_name() Displays the name of the race.
Race URL #race_url()  Displays a hyperlink to a candidate’s race page once the race is published.
Response LINK #response_link()  Displays a hyperlink to the candidate’s questionnaire.  Included in this URL is the candidate’s specific security code.
Security Code #security_code() Displays the candidate’s unique 8-digit password.
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