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Email Blast There will be times when you will want to send emails that do not pertain to the candidate’s interface with the Voter Guide Toolkit. Perhaps you want to invite them to participate in an event (such as a debate or online forum). It is for this purpose that the Email Blast was designed.


Create an Email Blast

Click Email Blast on the Nav Bar. Display all available candidate names by clicking All in the upper right-hand corner. Select recipients by checking the box next to individual names in the “Edit” column or scrolling to the bottom of the list and checking “Select All”.

Click Compose Email. An email will be generated that has every name selected. You will also see the following fields: Subject, Sender Name, Reply to, BCC. Edit these fields as necessary.

The Body field has access to the same macros (contact name, race name, etc.) available in the email templates. Modify the content of the Body field using the macros as desired.

Click Preview and select or enter a name to whom a preview sample email will be sent. Most often this is YOU.

Review the email, then make any revisions in the Body field. When you have completed editing, click Send.

Note: Email blasts are recorded in a candidate’s event log.


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