Administration contains the tools used to manage the technical aspects of the guide, including its rendering, and bulk uploads and exports. Often, this area is accessed by your IT personnel.

Below is an overview of each area. For more details, click on the individual sections in the index.

Appearance: Manages the rendering of the Voter Guide tool within your site, including width, header images, contact info, instructions and standard messages. Text in this area is typically HTML, but we have created a UI that uses keys that will

Email Settings: This area is used only when you wish to use an internal email system in place of our own.

Best Practice: Do not edit this area unless you have a compelling reason for doing so. Emails within our system are logged and tracked, and you will be opting out of some key features of the Voter Guide Toolkit.

Page Templates: Allows manipulation so the Voter Guide’s surrounding area has the look and feel of the rest of your site.

Data Export: Creates a backup copy of your guide, typically between a primary and a general election, or following a general election, or creates a version to be used for publication.

Script Interface: Allows JavaScript programming that interacts with our system.

Script Library: Pretermined scripts that are used to bulk upload or export specific data.

Covered in this section:

About Email Settings
Change Email Settings

Email Settings: This section allows you to enter your email information so your communications with candidates is handled by your company email system. Email is defaulted to be processed by our system.  Modify these settings only if you want the email to be processed through your system.

Best Practice: Changing the email settings is an available option, but not recommended.

Change Email Settings

If you want to change these settings, please contact your IT personnel, who will be able to provide the data needed to change these settings.  e.thePeople cannot make these changes or provide the information needed to do so.

Covered in this section:

About Page Templates
Edit Page Template
Set Voter Guide Width

It is important to us that your Voter Guide have the look and feel of other pages within your website.  Page Template allows you to modify the area that wraps around your voter guide.  The Voter Guide is considered the “content well” of the guide, and has a standard format.  The area wrapping around the guide does not have a specific format and may contain editorial, or advertising.

Edit Page Template

The Page Template has very specific instructions on editing, plus tags that are reserved by the system. Please read these instructions carefully, and print them if necessary.

Set Voter Guide Width

To modify the width of your guide, please see Appearance.

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