e.thePeople is a nonprofit organization started in 1999 by Michael Weiksner and Scott Reents,
who now serve as chairman and president of our board.



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Alex Quinn, Executive Director
Alex joined e.thePeople in July, 2013.  Alex has more than 25 years of experience in educational and community-based media development.  Prior to joining e.thePeople, Alex directed several media projects at Education Development Center aimed at improving literacy, numeracy, and basic science understanding among under educated adults.  Quinn was the executive director at Games for Change—an organization dedicated to promoting the development of digital games addressing social issues—and also served as executive director for community media centers in Oregon and New York.

Aleeda Crawley, Partnerships Director
Aleeda Crawley is the Partnerships Director for e-thePeople. Aleeda has worked on the sales side of newspaper publishing for more than 20 years for companies such as Knight-Ridder, McClatchy, Publicitas, and Gannett. She was the Project Manager at Newspapers First for NovaMedia Networks, a cooperative of online newspaper sites. In this capacity, she worked for some of the first newspaper brands online, such as mercurynews.com, ajc.com, and boston.com. Aleeda is one of the organizers of the NYC chapter of the Online News Association.


Jesse Costello-Good, Technology Director
Jesse was a political activist long before he was a programmer, cutting his teeth at 15 y/o on Roberta Achtenberg’s 1995 mayoral campaign in San Francisco. He went on to become the first chairperson of the San Francisco Youth Commission and co-Grand Marshall of the 1997 San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Celebration. These days Jesse prefers to work behind the scenes and in front of the keyboard on projects like The Voter Guide and HowSFVotes.com, a celebration of electoral politics of his native San Francisco.

Matthew Jacobs

Matthew Jacobs, Software Developer
Matthew has been doing software development since 1987. He still remembers the days when 2MB was a large hard drive and 20K was the largest file size that could be quickly downloaded. Matthew has a BA in Computer Science from Columbia University. He has worked as a software developer, math tutor, office manager, and is grateful to be able to put down roots in a company where he can combine his idealism with his strong technical skills.



Michael Weiksner,  Chairman
Michael Weiksner, Ph.D. cofounded e.thePeople and is Chairman of the Trustees.  Michael is now CEO of EndlessTV, a mobile startup in New York.  Michael graduated cum laude from Princeton University and received his doctorate from Stanford University.  Michael lives in Old Greenwich, CT, with his wife and four children.  [In another era, Michael would have joined the Bull Moose party.]


Scott Reents, President
Scott Reents co-founded e.thePeople and was its president from 1999-2004.  Scott is now an attorney at Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton, the New York law firm, where his practice focuses on litigation and electronic discovery.  Scott is a graduate of Swarthmore College and Stanford Law School.  Scott lives in Brooklyn, NY, with his wife and two sons.


Jonathan Crystal
Jonathan Crystal is an Executive Vice President and principal of Crystal & Company, a global insurance and risk advisory firm. During his tenure at Crystal & Company, Jonathan has served in a number of capacities, most recently as Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining the firm, Jonathan was a consultant with Oliver Wyman, a strategic management consultancy focused on the financial services industry.  Mr. Crystal graduated cum laude with his Bachelor of Arts from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs at Princeton University and with a certificate from the Program in Latin American Studies.

Sandra Weiksner

Sandra Weiksner
Sandra Weiksner is a retired partner of the international law firm of Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton.  She received a BA from Stanford University and JD from Stanford Law School.  She was a teaching fellow at Stanford Law School following her graduation and also taught as an adjunct professor at Yale Law School.  Her practice included counseling on family philanthropic programs and representing not-for-profit organizations.  She is a member of the investment committee of New York Law School where she served as a board member for many years.  She is also a director of Pestalozzi U.S. Children’s Charity, Inc. which supports poor children, mostly girls, in some of the poorest countries in Africa and Asia.


Andrew Rasiej

Andrew Rasiej
Andrew Rasiej is a Political and Social Entrepreneur. Founder of Personal Democracy Media.  He is an entrepreneur and technology strategist. He’s counseled national and international political leaders, government officials, academics, and heads of nonprofits and foundations on issues related to civic engagement, technology, transparency, digital diplomacy and campaign strategy.